Letter from Dr. Alatorre

April 29, 2022

Dear Friends and Patients,

I have immensely enjoyed the practice of dentistry over the past 27 years. And today, I write this
letter to you to announce my retirement as of April 29, 2022. I want to give thanks to all who
have allowed me the privilege of working with you, your friends and multiple generations of
your families. You have made my professional career extremely rewarding and even fun.

I have searched for a colleague that I felt shared the same philosophy and dedication to care for
my patients as I have. I have finally found a competent and caring dentist and I am pleased to
introduce Dr. Chun to you. Dr. Chun graduated from Loma Linda University School of
Dentistry where he was recognized as one of the best clinicians at the time of graduation. Since
his graduation, he has been serving patients in the Riverside and San Bernardino counties for the
past 10 years. While providing exceptional dental cares in his private practice, Dr. Chun was
also invited to LLU School of Dentistry to become a clinic professor to teach and guide dental
students in training. He has also spent hundreds of hours in seminars, study clubs and other
continuing education, with emphasis on cosmetic and implant dentistry, in order to stay current
on advances in the field of dentistry. I feel his extensive knowledge and new techniques will
enhance your oral health. I am also relived that I am leaving you and your family in the hands of
Dr. Chun who genuinely cares about well-being of the patients.

Also, I want to express my deep appreciation to my dedicated staff, which have provided me and
my patients with attention to detail, individualized service and represented our office with a
sense of pride throughout the years. The staff is excited for you to meet Dr. Chun and to
continue your regular dental care. All appointments, both short term and long term remain
unchanged. If you are overdue for a check-up and cleaning, I encourage you to call and schedule
an appointment.

Dr. Chun and I will work together to provide each of you with a smooth transition. He is looking
forward to meeting all of you, and I am comfortable in knowing the trust and confidence you
have placed with me will continue with Dr. Chun.

I leave you with my wishes to be well and to have a truly healthy, happy smile.

Alice G. Alatorre, DDS